Brioche Panini

Grilled cheese sandwiches - September 21, 2017 by Luna

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I love my panini press because cheese is great melted and because "panini" conjures up visions of classy cafes, while "grilled cheese" conjures images of trying to persuade a finicky 4 year old to eat something. Frying sandwiches in a skillet is still a valid life choice as far as I'm concerned though.

My Bread Machine Brioche works wonderfully for paninis.

Ham and Cheddar

image of toasted ham and cheese on brioche

Red Cheddar and Honey

image of grilled ham and cheddar on brioche

Ham, Cheese, and Rosemary-infused Honey

image of grilled ham and cheese on brioche with honey

Brioche paninis pair very well with tomato soup.

image of brioche panini with tomato soup